We can guarantee the best rates


For car finance solutions that are both flexible and competitive, you can count on Autobank Cars to deliver.

Our Expert finance consultants can negotiate with the lenders on your behalf, organise a fast Approval and have you driving away in no time.

We strive for same day approval, so that you can hit the roadways with your “new to you” vehicle of choice.

Your next car can be few hours away, give us a call now to find out


  • Easy payments for up to 5 years TAB

  • Hire purchase for tax benefits

  • Personal loan

  • Low doc finance

  • No obligation consultation.

  • 100% Finance available

We can help


When you make the decision to purchase a vehicle, the last thing you want, is to get bogged down in red tape. At we know how to arrange car loans fast. We’re professional, we’re efficient – we’re quick. We know exactly what reputable lenders need to process and approve your application in the shortest possible time. We work hard to make car finance easy for you.

You make the decisions

We have access to a wide range of reputable Australian lenders, so we can present you with a competitive range of finance options – all in plain English. You can see the alternatives, and make relevant, clear-cut comparisons, quickly. We help you decide which car loan product, from which reputable Australian lender, suits you best. We prepare the options; you decide.


At, we appoint the most reliable finance brokers for you, people who specialise in automotive finance. So if you’re confused about the relative merits of personal loans versus chattel mortgages versus novated leases, let your Car Loans automotive finance consultant explain the key differences and help you decide which one best suits your personal situation. We can ensure you get the right finance product at the right rate to maximise both your buying power and the tax-effectiveness of your next automotive acquisition.

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