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2015 Ford Mustang to cost $45,000 in Australia

Sold out till 2017


The new Ford Mustang arrives in local showrooms by the end of this year. The $45,000 starting price is much less than it used to be, but is still almost $20,000 more than what US customers pay.


A new Ford Mustang will cost half what it did a decade ago when it goes on sale later this year – but Australians will still pay up to $20,000 more than US buyers for the exact same car.

Ford Australia has confirmed the starting price for the new Mustang range is $44,990 plus on-road costs.

The price is a little more than half the cost of the 2001 Ford Mustang, which was $85,000 for a coupe and $89,000 for a convertible.

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But there are a couple of caveats. The $44,990 price is for the four-cylinder version of the new Mustang; the V8 that most buyers will want is $54,990 plus on-road costs.

In both cases Australians are paying about $20,000 more than buyers in the US, where the four-cylinder is listed for sale on the Ford website from $25,300 and the V8 from $32,300.

The US prices don’t include state taxes and dealer delivery fees but even taking those into account there is still a large gap.

However, Ford fans don’t seem to mind, with 700 confirmed paid deposits for the new Mustang with a further 15,000 “expressions of interest” from prospective buyers, says Ford Australia.

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